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Pleasant Bay Bonefishing Lodge has been one of South Andros‘ best-kept secrets. What attracted us to this relatively unknown lodge is its location. The town of Pleasant Bay is the second southernmost Township in South Andros. 

South Andros needs no introduction. The expansive bonefishing flats at the southern tip are remote; bonefish are unsophisticated and can roam the flats in schools numbering in the hundreds. Anglers will have chances to sight cast to schools of 12lb. bones as well as double-digit cruising singles or doubles. Infrequently, guests might hook flats tarpon or a rouge permit.

Guests will have the opportunity to fish the flats of South Andros, which are mostly composed of hard, white sand, making them favorable for wade fishing. Pleasant Bay guides also utilize other excellent fishing areas, like Beach Cay, Hawk’s Nest, Grassy Creek, Jackfish Cay, the Water Cays, and the Westside, when the tide is right. All of these fishing areas create a lifetime’s worth of fertile and productive bonefishing. There’s also a productive sand flat immediately in front of the lodge for wading when the conditions are right.

Pleasant Bay guests are transferred to the Mars Bay boat launch (10-minute drive) each morning to meet their guide and boat for the days fishing. The Mars Bay Boat Launch is at the end of road on island and is 10 miles closer to the Southern Flats than any other launch site. Pleasant Bay utilizes 4 Rahming Flats Skiffs outfitted with Mercury engines, poles and platforms.


Pleasant Bay is comprised of four buildings: The main lodge, 2 guest villas, and an office. The main lodge contains the kitchen, dining room, living room with satellite TV, and the bar. The larger guest villa has 2 double occupancy rooms and 2 single occupancy rooms with 2 full bathrooms. The smaller guest villa has 1 bedroom (Two beds) with a private bath. Each of the bedrooms and the main lodge are air-conditioned. The rooms are clean, comfortable, the lodge as a whole is modern and has daily maid service.

Pleasant Bay Bonefish Lodge is owned and operated by Bahamian Timothy Smith, his wife Orlean, daughters Charlene and Coral. This family is steeped in the tradition of bonefishing and hospitality. Timothy’s father Felix guided over 30 years on the island, passing down his knowledge to his sons. The rest of the family has worked extensively in the hospitality business for years: Orlean was formally a cook at Bair’s Lodge, Charlene has a long list of management credentials at prestigious resorts in Nassau and the US, and Coral has also worked in the hotel business. The Bahamian family-style hospitality is warm, welcoming, and contagious. That coupled with the location and the quality bonefishing guides, makes Pleasant Bay Bonefish Lodge a true gem.

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Please note that Pleasant Bay Village is not a tourism destination and there is no shopping or sightseeing unless you are looking for bonefish, barracuda, jacks and snapper! There aren’t a lot of people, and there’s no nightlife, but the views overlooking the water can be breathtaking.

Frequent asked questions:

1. How do we get there?

A. To get to us, you'll need to travel to Congo Town South Andros.

2. Are there flights to Congo Town?

A. Yes, there are two ways to get to us.

i. Western Air - Operates daily flights out of Nassau Bahamas

Nassau - 242-377-2222

Congo Town - 242-369-2222

ii. Makers Air - Operates out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Fort Lauderdale - 954-771-0330


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